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  The autograph of President

  On 9th of November in 2002, in Almaty there was arrival number 4 of the party “Otan”. As I was delegate of the II arrival, I known that after his speech, president Nursultan Abishevych Nazarbayev, came to us, delegates.

  It turned out that I stood on his way. Our eyes meet each other, he come to me and clasped my hand. The President said: “Many things had done and we are on a right way?!”. It looked like question and affirmation at the same time. I confirmed it.

  Then I asked the President his autograph. He was surprised and said: “It is for the first time that somebody asked me for my autograph”. He took pen (the present of the senator E.Sagyndykov) and wrote. Then he looked through written letter with stamp “The First President Nursultan Nazarbayev”, smiled and gave it to me. I said thank you and explained that it was for my son to his collection.

  That was the end of my short meeting with the leader of our country.

  Vadim Skurydin, the director of the clinic “PHOENIX”.

  “Autograph”, ¹ 47(51), 21.11.02.

The gratitude

Dear Skurydin Vadim Lvovych!

  Our country took its independence 10 years ago. Those years a lot of things, deeds had done, which will be valued by future generation.

  With deep emotion and pride today we can say that Kazakhstan is a real independent country.

  History chose our generation and believed us fate of our country. We believed ourselves; we didn’t full sorry for our power, work for making strong foundation of modern country and developing of democratic society.

  You – the one of those people, whose utters and honest work became part of this foundation. I am proud of that on this uneasy way there such modern people surround by me.

  From all people of the Kazakhstan I express you gratitude in connection with great event in life of country – 10 years of Independence of the Kazakhstan.

  I sincerely wish you health, happiness and family well-being, new achievements for welfare of native country.

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.

16th of December 2001.

2002 year, Aktobe. The political discussion (“Otan”, The Civil Party, The Communist Party…) with taking part of ambassador of USA in Kazakhstan Mr. Larry Napper.
Embassy of the United States of America
  Almaty, Kazakhstan, 23rd of November 2001.

  Mr.Skurydin V., The director of the clinic “PHOENIX”

Dear Mr.Skurydin,

  I want to thank you for offer your condolences in connection with tragic events, which were held in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on 11th of September in 2001 year.

 Your kind gesture certificates that you grieving with us about victims and your heart sympathizing for their families and friends.

  Let me sure you that every one of us deeply value your care and support for America and American people in such tragic time.

  Sincerely, James Kenni, the first Secretary.

  The meeting with Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich in Orenburg, in the House-museum of family Rostropovich’s on 30 of June in 2002.

Skurydina Galina Nikolaevna.

Meetings with ex-premier S.A.Tereshenko.

The Soviet regional party organization “Otan” in Aktobe.

The anniversary of S.A.Tershenko in Chimkent.

  The gratitude letter from the leader (Akim) of the city Aktobe

  For the deputy of the city maslikhat Skurydin Vadim Lvovich.

  Dear Vadim Lvovich!

  Take sincere and warm-hearted words of gratitude and thankfulness for your active and successful work at the maslikhat of the city Aktobe.

  Being deputy of the city maslikhat, selecting by people and expressing willing of people you did a lot for protecting people’s right and interests, keeping social-political stability developing economy of our city and rising well-being of people of Aktobe.

  Your energetic deputy activity, professionalism, active position in life during looking through and taking city budget, plans, economic and social programs, another important questions of city bring authority and receptiveness of society of the city.

  I sincerely wish you strong health, happiness and well-being, new successes at your work and social activity. I am sure that experience which you took being deputy, in future you will successfully use for using and developing our native town Aktobe and our country – the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The leader (Akim) of the city Aktobe K.Eleusizov.
2003 y.

Doctor Gashimova

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