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Medical aid
The general in-patient department for children


  Korol Tatyana Ivanovna The diploma of the leader (Akim) of the city Aktobe

  Genuine diploma was given as certificate of sentence about every year prize from the leader of Aktobe city in honor of the Day of medical worker.

  Main doctor of the clinic “PHOENIX” Korol Tatyana Ivanovna is rewarding for her conscientious work for a long time, for her big results in professional activity, for peculiar merits in developing and establishing health of our city.

  The leader (Akim) of Aktobe city K.Eleusizov, 2003 year.

  The main doctor of the clinic “PHOENIX” - Korol Tatyana Ivanovna, doctor pediatrist, experience of work by profession – 19 years, high doctor’s qualification category. She has experience of work in intensive treating and having care for children.

  She has a lot of requiring for herself and colleagues in work; she is very organized and disciplinary. She does all requiring of leadership, conscientiously her own work. She has diplomas and gratitude’s from the regional and city directions of health. Her distinguishing from another’s is love for her professionalism.

  She distinguishes with her mercy and responsiveness. She always helps young doctors and colleagues. She is very valuable and everybody respect her in the clinic “PHOENIX” and doctors of pediatrics chairs at the Medical Academy. She has big authority among parents of ill children.

  The clinic “PHOENIX”, city hospital of Aktobe for children, is situated in typical building; works by state order, treatment of children is free.

  The in-patient department is calculated for 100 places. There are X-ray room (doctor Sviridov A.G.), physical treatment, and consists of three departments:

  1. The department of pathology of newborn children and care for premature children (doctor Galimova S.M.) – 20 places. Their specialists have high qualification and big experience in care for premature children (begin with 800-900 grams); treating septicemia of newborn children, birth trauma and jaundice. There are also orphans in the department, whom were left at maternity hospitals of region.

  2. The department of children from early age (doctor Romanova O.V.) – 40 places. Children aged from 1 till 3 month are hospitalized here. Department treats illnesses of bronchium’s system: bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonias and laryngitis.

  3. The department for children of old age – 40 places (till 2004 year doctor Kabylova Zh.A.). Children from 3 years with different pathology are hospitalized here. Good effect of therapy reached in treating rheumatism, glomeryloneuritas, and hard types of pneumonia, gashes ulcer and illnesses of duodenum.

  Doctors of clinic work with doctors of the pediatrics chairs of the Medical Academy together. In our clinic there are chair of faculty pediatric – the leader of the chair is professor Tusupkalyev B.T. ; chair of hospital pediatric – the leader of the chair is professor Abdrachmanov K.B.

  Chairs are renders consulting help on high scientific degree. Combine work is express in new methods of treating children, using new medicines in pediatrics.

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