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  Skurydin Vadim Lvovich, Russian by nationality, was born on 19th of April in 1946 in Harkov (Ukraine). Since 1947 till 1952 and since 1961 till 1962 he lived in Orenburg (Russia), and since 1952 till nowadays lives in Aktobe, Kazakhstan.

  Parents are railway men. Father, Skurydin Lev Semenovich, was born in 1920 in Orenburg (Russia); Russian, invalid of war, died in 1973. Mother, Skurydina (Bukreeva) Maria Grigoryevna, was born in 1921, in Avdeevka, region Donetsk (Ukraine); Ukrainian, died in 1993.

  He studied in schools of Aktobe number 22 (45, 470); of Orenburg number 39. In 1964 was graduated from school number 2 of Aktobe.

  In 1964 he entered the radio technical Institute of Ryazan (Russia) and in 1970 was graduated from Polytechnic Institute in Penza (Russia) with qualification engineer-electric by profession “Automatic and telemechanic”. He studied at post-graduate courses of the Moscow SSI “Introskopia” by specialty “X-ray mechanics” (leader Blinov N.N.) since 2nd of December in 1974 till 1st of December in 1978. In 1985 he raised qualification by profession “Using micro IBM and micro procession techniques”. He has publications on X-ray techniques. He took some diplomas by affairs of insurance.

  He worked as cinema mechanics since 1962 till 1964.

  Since 1967 till 1994 worked as engineer-designer of X-ray plant “Aktobe X-ray factory”.

  On 29th of June in 1969 he was rewarded with badge “For excellent worker of sanitary defense of USSR”.

  On 17th of June in 1989 for conscious and long-lived work (“Aktobe X-ray factory”) was rewarded with medal “The veteran of work”.

  In 1991 he created the insurance company “PHOENIX”, which main activity is medical insurance. The project was complete in 2002 year. Since 1994 till 2001 he is the president of the insurance society “PHOENIX”.

  In 1995 he created the hospital (clinic) “PHOENIX”, which consists from in-patient department and polyclinic nowadays. Since 1995 he is the director of the hospital “PHOENIX”.

  On 3rd of December in 2001 he was rewarded with anniversary medal “10 years of the Independent of the Kazakhstan”.

  On 16th of December in 2001 he took gratitude of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev in honor 10 years of the Independent of the Kazakhstan.

  Since 1989 till 2003 year he was deputy of the city Soviet and the city Maslikhat, the leader of plan-budget group. In 2003 for his active and big work as deputy, took gratitude letter from the leader (Akim) of the city Aktobe. Since 2000 year he is a member of electoral group of the Aktobe region.

  In 1990 he was confidential agent of candidate as people deputy Kazakh SSR M.T.Ospanov, later of chairman of the Mazhylis of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was a member of initiative group of candidate as president the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev in 1998 year. After elections on its foundation was created party “Otan”.

  He was a delegate of III and IV arrivals of social uniting “The Republican political party “ Otan” (“Mother country”)”. In 2000 took gratitude from political soviet of “The Republican political party “Otan” (“Mother country”)” for contribution in strengthening and developing of the country, for active participation in social-political life of the party. In 2001-2002years he was a member of political soviet of the party. In 2002 year he was substitute of chairman of the Aktobe regional branch of the party “Otan”, the leader of fraction of the party “Otan” in the city Maslikhat.

  Wife, Skuridina (Turenko) Galina Nikolayevna, was born in 1946 in Akmolinsk (Astana), Kazakhstan; Russian. She was graduated from the Kazan conservatoire (Russia) by specialty “The theory of music”, works as a teacher at the Aktobe music college.

  Son, Skuridin Andrey Vadimovich, was born in 1971; was graduated from the economic faculty of the Aktobe State University name after K.Zhubanov by specialty “Finance and credit”. He works as director of the firm in Aktobe.

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