Doctor Gashimova
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Doctor Gashimova


  Gashimova Kulyash Asangalyevna The diploma of the leader (Akim) of the city Aktobe

  Genuine diploma was given as certificate of sentence about every year prize from the leader of Aktobe city in honor of the Day of medical worker.

  The leader of children’s department of the hospital “PHOENIX” Gashimova Kulyash Asangalyevna is rewarding for her conscientious work for a long time, for her big results in professional activity, for peculiar merits in developing and establishing health of our city.

  The leader (Akim) of Aktobe city K.Eleusizov, 2004 year.

  The leader of children’s department - Gashimova Kulyash Asangalyevna, master, doctor with high category, has experience of work 32 years. She was specialized in Moscow, St.Petersburg and on base of the Aktobe medical Academy. She has more than 50 published works.

  Children’s charged for department is situated on the first floor of the hospital “PHOENIX”, there are 12 places and also some rooms with different degrees of comfort.

  The middle medical personnel – hospital nurses with high category, experience of work more than 15 years, knows all manipulation skills and ensures professional care for ill children.

  There are diagnostic and treatment of bronchium’s illnesses, heart-vessel and digestive system, urination and illnesses of urinary system organs, neurological illnesses (vegetative nervous system) and other illnesses.

  The volume conducting investigations is include an indicator of outlying blood, urine, biochemishy, R-graphic, tomography, USD, EchoCG, FGS, EchoEG, EchoEEG, ECG, which are held on their base with using new methods of diagnostic another medical organizations of the city Aktobe. The complex of investigation is include examines of narrow specialists: phtisiatrist – master Uzbekova A.A. , cardiologist – master Sivakova L.V., surgeon – doctor with high category Umarov A.S., neuropathology’s – doctor with high category Moskaleva L.M., otolaryngology’s – doctor with high category Dmitryeva V.N.

  The complex of diagnostically and treating measures are scientific-substantiation and correspond to all modern requiring.


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