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From memories of E.M. Potudina (Moshenskaya):
“In 1912 after big harvest, at last, first city hospital, “resettlement”,
which is situated on the west part of small hill, was opened”.

“City. Years. People. Life.”F.I. Tarasenko.

  The clinic “PHOENIX” [in Aktobe medical activity of our organization is famous as “PHOENIX”, as hospital and medical insurance society (since 1991 till 2001 year)] considers itself as continuer of the first city “resettlement” hospital, which was opened in Aktobe in 1912. Since 1995 we rented one floor from block of surgery, but since 1997 till 1999 we had all 5 floors from block of therapy of a city (Mochalovsky) clinical hospital, which we had bought on an open auction without any obligations for it’s using. At that time social sphere sharply moved, which was laid as hard load on a budget. However by state order our city-dwellers continued their treatment at our therapy and neurological departments free. We preserved chair of therapy of the Medical Academy and diagnostic department of city hospital.

  In 1999 for arrangement another medical founding in city hospital we were offered another small places, which were situated luckier. After some thinking we agreed.

  At the present time the clinic “PHOENIX”, is an own medical complex, which consists of policlinic for 150 visits shift and in-patient department for 100 places. Nowadays, the general number of workers of the clinic reaches 200 persons.

  The hospital “PHOENIX” is a private, noncommercial medical institution. In in-patient department (Aiteke bi street 76) is situated commercial department for adults – the surgery (V.V.Chempinsky), the traumatology (B.Zh.Butabayev), the neurology (K.B.Kadirgalyeva) and the therapy (T.A.Krasnoshyokova). Master K.A.Gashimova heads commercial department for children.

  Free department for children consists from departments of therapy and pathology of newborn babies (it is only one in the region). There are nearly 15 orphans in different time, whom were left by their parents in maternity hospital in Aktobe region and in child’s house. Two pediatric chairs of the Aktobe state medical Academy, which are situated in clinic, do medicinal and scientific-pedagogical activity.

  In our policlinic (Zambul street 25) we render first medical sanitary and specialized ambulatory clinical help for population. It is about 12000 people. The staff of policlinic can do prophylactic and periodic medical examination for workers of different organizations (even for harmful professions), medical examination for drivers.

  The project “Hospital cashier office” for medical service is realized in agreements with different organizations of Aktobe city. With the help of service subscription, we keep up health of workers (our family doctor treat people in organization), if it is necessary we organize treatment in in-patient department, where we use all potential of health keeping in Aktobe region. It distinguishes from medical insurance by helping people without mediator.

  Every year the hospital “PHOENIX” gets humanitarian help from German Red Cross - medical equipment and medicines (agreement between governments of two countries since 31.05.1996 year). The aim of this organization is to support people of German nationality, living in Kazakhstan. German people who live in Aktobe region have medical examination in polyclinic and in-patient department (surgery, neurology and therapy) in the clinic “PHOENIX” free. The direction of activity is by line of society “Wiedergeburt”. Humanitarian help is used for all patients, in spite of their nationality, even for orphans, who were left by their mothers in maternity hospitals in Aktobe region.

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