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  The clinic “PHOENIX” is a private medical organization, which takes an active part in work with the West-Kazakhstan State medical Academy name after Marat Ospanov under leadership of rectors – Zh.K.Ordabayev, Zh.A.Doskaliyev, K.K.Zholmuhamedov, S.F.Berkinbayev. The chair of faculty therapy by professor K.Zh.Ahmetov was based in our clinic since 1997 till 1999. The name “clinic” always means medical and scientific pedagogical activity. We didn’t refuse from it. Two chairs of Academy are situated on the territory of the clinic “PHOENIX” since 1999 till nowadays.

The chair of faculty pediatrics.

  The chair was organized in 1975. Since the day of organization till 1991 chair was leader by professor O.B.Baltayev. Since 1991 the chair is head by doctor of medical science, professor B.Tusupkaliyev. There are 11 workers on the chair, two of them are masters, eight of them have high doctors qualification category, they have experience as doctors 10 years and high. They had attended courses of improve in clinic of Moscow, Sankt-Petesburg, Almaty and etc. All workers treat patients in in-patient department of clinic “PHOENIX” and consult in- and out patients.

  The doctors learn new methods of diagnostic and treatment and always use these new methods in their practice. The doctors of this chair take workings out of methodical recommendations on main parts of pediatrics and use them at the medical places for children in the West Kazakhstan. Most of the doctors are leading narrow specialists in pediatrics.

  At present time 2 masters, 1 doctor’s thesis and 2 theses are working out on the chair.

  The main direction of scientific research of the chair is learning how bad factors can influence on child’s organism and the way of their correction. Chair has the certificate on “Way of correction anemic condition of children from their early childhood”.

  Collaborators of the chair prepared and published nearly 15 educational supplies and textbooks. They published nearly 300 research and methodic works.

  In spite of main scientific works doctors of the chair according to the analysis of the results of diagnostic and treatment of patients in clinic, work upon recommendations by treating children with cardiologic, neurological, stomach-intestinal, bronchial and allegorical illnesses. Diagnostic and treatment of babies takes the main part.

  Balash Tusupkalyev Balash Tusupkalyev, doctor of medical science, professor. He was graduated from pediatrics faculty of Almaty state medical Institute in 1969 and began working as doctor at regional hospital in Guryiv. Since1974 he worked in Aktobe state medical institute. He heads a chair of faculty pediatrics since 1991.

  Tusupkalyev Balash is the author of nearly 150 research methodical publications, 14 of them are educational materials, 4 methodic recommendations, 1 certificate of author and 1 textbook.

  Professor B.Tusupkalyev published textbook in Kazakh language “Illnesses of children”, and was rewarded by association of higher educational Institutes in the Republic of Kazakhstan with medal after A.Baitursinov “The best author” of the work in writing of textbook of new generation, which answers to all standards of modern education; in 1997 he was rewarded by chest badge “The best doctor of keeping health in the Republic of Kazakhstan” for special service in protecting health of people in Republic of Kazakhstan. He is one of those who made medical education in Kazakh language in our Republic. In 2004 he was rewarded by honored diploma of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  At the present time Tusupkalyev B. makes an active scientific work about the influence of environment on the health of children in the West Kazakhstan and he is a consultant of the clinic “PHOENIX”.

  Sivakova Ludmila Venediktovna, candidate of medical science, master.

Sivakova Ludmila Venediktovna

  In 1988 she was graduated from Aktobe state medical institute. In 1994 she defended master’s thesis in SSI of pediatrics RAMS in Moscow.

  Since 1994 till nowadays she works at faculty pediatrics chair in West-Kazakhstan state medical Academy name after M.Ospanov. Since 1996 she is a master of the chair. She consults children with pathology in heart-vessel system. She is the main non-staff cardiorheumatologist in Aktobe regional health control.

  Sivakova L.V. is the author of 36 research methodic works.

  Zhumalina Akmaral Kanashevna, candidate of medical science, master. Zhumalina Akmaral Kanashevna

  In 1989 she was graduated from Aktobe state medical institute; in 1998 she graduated from post-graduate courses of the Kazakh State medical University. In 1990 she has boarding in Aktobe regional hospital for children.

  Since 1991 till 1993 she worked as a doctor in city hospital for children number 2. In 1993-1995 she studied at clinical ordination of ASMI. Since 1998 she worked as assistant in the chair of pediatrics faculty the West-Kazakhstan state medical Academy name after M.Ospanov; since 2002 she is a master of the chair and consults patients in therapy department of the clinic “PHOENIX”.

  Zhumalina A.K. is the author of nearly 40 research-methodic publications.

  Nowadays she is a candidate for a doctor’s degree in the chair of faculty pediatrics in the West-Kazakhstan state medical Academy name after M.Ospanov.

The chair of hospital pediatrics

  Chair of hospital pediatrics was organized in 1974. Chairs such as infections of children, polyclinics, studying and advancing of doctors are made from it later.

  Organizer and first leader of the chair was pupil of famous soviet pediator, academic A.F.Tura – master A.C.Tihonova.

  Professor, doctor of medical science O.B.Baltayev, headed chair in 1991.

  During different time on the chair worked: masters A.U.Ismagulov, A.M.Shaferman, L.B.Vagapova, S.G.Petrusheva; assistants D.Sh.Nurpeisova, J.B.Dosimov, K.B.Kadirov, S.I.Urdabayeva, K.K.Zhaugasheva, M.S.Moldahmetov, D.I.Nurgalyev.

  At the present time leader of the chair is a doctor of medical science Abdrahmanov K.B.

  Abdrahmanov Kuangali Bapashevich worked as a divisional pediatrist in Kulagins hospital of Atyrau region after graduating pediatrics faculty of Aktobe state medical Institute in 1977. Abdrahmanov Kuangali Bapashevich

  After graduating from the post-graduate courses in SSI pediatrics AMS USSR he defended candidate’s thesis on theme: “Clinical meaning of echographic lungs during pneumonias and pleurisy of children”.

  The theme of his doctor’s thesis is a “Substantiation of therapy approach and prophylactic of children chronysiotion arterial hypotension”. Definition was held in 2001 in the National Center of Pediatristic and children Surgery in Almaty.

  He does large research and pedagogic work; he has clinical ordinates and post-graduate students nowadays.

  General experience of work is 26 years; he is the author of more than 80 research articles.

  Master of the chair Kim S.V. was graduated from the Moscow medical Institute name after Pirogov in 1982. She worked 3 years as a doctor–neonatologies in maternity hospital in Kaluga.

Kim S.V.

  After graduation from clinical ordination and post-graduate courses in the SSI pediatrics RAMS and defense of candidates thesis she works on chair of hospital pediatrics.

  She specialized on neonatology, cardiology and endocrinology.

 General experience of work is 22 years; pedagogical-research experience is 15 years. She has more than 40 publications of scientific, methodic and educational materials.

Shalekenova S.E. was graduated from pediatrics faculty of the Aktobe state medical Institute with red diploma in 1996.Shalekenova S.E.

  After graduation clinical ordination on base of chair of hospital pediatrics she entered the post-graduate course. The theme of her thesis, as candidate is a “Clinical-laboratorial peculiarities of damaging of wet system children’s organs, which live in the places with pollute air with chrome”.

  She works on the chair of hospital pediatrics since 2001. She always consults neurological patients, makes ultrasound diagnostic of abdominal places and small pelvic on children.

  She is an author of more than 20 scientific publications and 2 methodic materials.

  Assistants of the chair:
•  Gerasimenko N.I. – doctor of higher category, general experience of work is 26 years.
•  Nu G.V. – doctor of higher category, general experience of work is 27 years.
•  Beknijazova D.K. - doctor of higher category, excellent worker of health, general experience of work is 30 years.
•  Tulegenova G.A. - doctor of first category, general experience of work is 14 years, works on theme of candidate’s thesis “Arterial hypotension of children”.
•  Kuldeeva M.S. - doctor of first category, general experience of work is 26 years.
•  Kalyeva A.T. - general experience of work is 6 years, she works on the theme of candidate’s thesis “Illnesses of bronchium’s of children”.
•  Puhovikova N.N. - general experience of work is 5 years.

  During different years the chair made investigations on studying broncholungs and kidney’s pathology. Nowadays scientific theme of the chair is a “Out working and substantiation methods of correction different deflections of organs and children’s system under influence of bad factors of environment”.

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